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Garage Projects

As with many retired or semi-retired people, fascination with motor vehicles and a fondness for tinkering with and (hopefully) fixing/improving stuff, has led to many 'Projects', many of which have succeeded in loosing money, but not always.

The desire to do some documenting, began with a friend asking if I had ever recorded all the vehicles that have past through our hands, since the first one in 1966. There are also many people who have started youtube channels, dealing with their own projects, who have done really informative footage on vehicles the same or 'near as' to our own. I have 'linked' to them where appropriate, which should help boost their viewing numbers a bit, so they shouldn't mind. Harry's Garage, Tyrrells Classic Workshop, and Hubnut are favourites that we keep an eye on, but there are also many others.

I have owned 48 vehicles so far, most of which are scattered about in the montages to the right of this page, and over time the intention is to build a hopefully interesting record of at least the more interesting ones.

Included are: 13 Fords, 5 Holdens, 3 Hondas, 7 BMC, 1 Alfa, 1 Audi, 1 Mercedes, 4 Citroens, 2 Fiats, 1 Daimler(Jaguar), 1 Peugeot, 2 Renaults, 1 Subaru, 2 Triumphs, 1 Vauxhall, 1 Volkswagen, 1 Truck and 1 Motorcycle.

Most of the fleet over the last 54 years. Most were daily runners, but a few were projects.
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