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Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting

Reporting and Data Modelling from traditional commercial database tables, has been a regular activity of ours now for over 12 years. Despite the plethora of different reporting tools available now, surprisingly perhaps we have done most reporting in Excel.
This has been a customer preference, usually because so many of the end-user staff have a degree of Excel skills of their own, and can easily manipulate report results further to suit the task of the moment. (It is also spectacularly easy to convert most database table types into excel format, and vice-versa.)

We automated large numbers of regularly produced reports, written mostly in Visual Basic, with a number automatically updating live websites. This proved a great solution for geographically dispersed client staff to use, even in one case for staff located in Los Angeles and London.

Most recently, we developed reporting to accurately track costs, losses, irregularities and allow data modelling, for a hub and spoke transport operator, - an interesting task that we revelled in.

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Recent Website Clients . . .

Avant's clients, both current and past, are from both New Zealand and Australia, and operate in the following industries:

  • Licensed Import Transitional Facility
  • Boat Dealers
  • Florists
  • Digital Printers
  • Transport Operators
  • International Telco
  • Education
  • Farming
  • Organic Farm Product Certification

    Note: Some of these sites have been redeveloped since our original involvement.

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